Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stinky Tofu w/ Solid Geese blood soup



Yes it stank, 臭い!!!! ... でもおいしいですよ..( ̄ー ̄).... すっぱい味がするね.
Man it stank!!! But was good... soup base was pretty good too!
Time for some much needed zzz's おやすみ ( _ _ ) ZZZZzzzzzz....zzz.zz.z....


  1. Hey Sean, thanks for the comment man. I appreciate it.

    Jesus, this made me so hungry looking at it...but yeah, your digital work is amazing man. Do you have a gigantic list of custom brushes? I'm new to this whole Painting thing and photoshop for that matter.

    Your work is really inspiring, dude! Love the T & P bg's too!

  2. yeah, np, I think if u check under my share on the server I saved a bunch of brushes,actions, tool presets, feel free to grab those. I'll explain some when I get back